Return to Grace


His name is Bazazath, an ex-deva of Sune. In the Boar’s Tusk tavern he called his champions to fight in his name and ultimately return him to Sune’s side as a deva once again. In the streets he summoned Jear (a human of giant-like strength), Bangan (an oread that fancies himself a thief and needs saving by Jear), and Seryn (an odd character of little words). Inside the tavern he gathers Caydric (a firbolg servant of Stronmaus) and Zinnatris (a fetchling healing from the shadows) to join his less-than-noble cause. Though his party may not get along so well now, the deva is certain that they will mesh together to be an unstoppable force. Jear and Caydric, to prove a point, took their differences outside to be settled quickly. Caydric’s ax bit into Jear’s side, but the human took down the giantkin in one blow. In a show of power, Bazazath healed the kin from the brink of death itself. All points settled the rag-tag party turns in for the night.

Bazazath soon summond his heroes to fight in his name before the night was over. Shadow wolves (seemed to lead by a hellhound) attacked one of the tavern wenches in the street. Working as a unit, the wolves were taken down with only Zinnatris being severely harmed in the process. The wench is fine, just dazed. She seems to know Caydric from before and it keeps her from panicking too badly. But now the guards are coming…..


Nice, we need the adventure log from our second game as well. This was written really well.


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